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  • Marks & Spencer Paris

    Marks & Spencer Paris

    Are French shoppers ready for Marks & Spencer style convenience? Find out in our new video which looks at the retailer’s new stores in Paris and Amsterdam.

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  • Cumberland, Topaz, Miller & Ricker Oil discuss Fuel Demand

    Cumberland, Topaz, Miller & Ricker Oil discuss Fuel Demand

    Roundtable – from Boston, USA. In episode 1, Cumberland Farms, Topaz, Miller’s, Ricker Oil and KSS Fuels talk about declining fuel demand and discuss what retailers can do to offset a drop in sales.

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  • ENOC’s multi-format strategy in Dubai, UAE

    ENOC’s multi-format strategy in Dubai, UAE

    Emirates National Oil Company – ENOC operates 147 sites in the United Arab Emirates. Retail Vision interviewed Director of Retail Operations and Marketing Lance Aird in Dubai and profiled ENOC’s remarkable success in growing the ZOOM brand into multiple formats covering fuel, metro and standalone convenience with ZOOM ‘Market’

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  • Joe Barrett & Chet Cadieux – A Meeting Of Minds

    Joe Barrett & Chet Cadieux – A Meeting Of Minds

    In Retail Vision’s second ‘Meeting of Minds’ programme, Applegreen Director Joe Barrett hosts Chet Cadieux, CEO of Tulsa-based QuikTrip, in Applegreen’s multiple award winning Mount Merrion C-store in Dublin.

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  • Noel Dunne & Chet Cadieux – A Meeting of minds

    Noel Dunne & Chet Cadieux – A Meeting of minds

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  • Meet The Boss – Tim Chalk

    Meet The Boss – Tim Chalk

    Tim Chalk, CEO of 7 Eleven in Hong Kong operates almost 1,000 c-stores in an area the size of greater London. Effective promotional strategy is vital and Tim talks about his company’s successful partnership with TCC Global. Tim details the secrets of his success and his strategies for future growth in fresh, hot food and services to combat declining tobacco and media categories.

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  • Lotos, Gdansk

    Lotos, Gdansk

    In a Europe of declining growth, markets like Poland are bucking the trend. Our new film from Gdansk focuses on the Lotos Paliwa business and its latest fuel retail formats. Lotos are making significant capital investments on expanding road networks and use the KSS Fuels LocationXpert solution to make the right decisions.

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  • Thorntons Budgens, London

    Thorntons Budgens, London

    Retail innovator Andrew Thornton’s inspirational leadership takes community engagement and concern for the environment to a new level in a leafy London suburb. Sponsored by BARO Retail Lighting.

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  • Centra Rochestown, Ireland

    Centra Rochestown, Ireland

    Musgrave Retail Partners operates on behalf of independent retailers in Ireland, the UK and Spain. Its Centra format is one of the world’s best. We look at the latest store in Rochestown, Ireland which grows the neighbourhood format, while still meeting convenience needs.

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  • Statoil Fuel Retail

    Statoil Fuel Retail

    Statoil, with 2,300 sites in 8 markets is one of the largest petroleum convenience operators in Europe. We look at Statoil’s bold new “test lab” highway format, interview the CEO and senior management and discuss opportunities. Sponsored by ITAB.

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