Retail Vision TV Roundtable with Shell, Applegreen, 7-Eleven and Liquid Barcodes (Part 3)

Our three-part roundtable discussion filmed at the 2017 NACS Show in Chicago. Featuring: Klaas Mantel, General Manager Global Convenience Retail at Shell International, Joe Barrett, COO at Applegreen, Victor Paterno, CEO at 7-Eleven Philippines, Mats Danielsen, CEO at Liquid Barcodes and our own Dan Munford. In episode three – ‘energy shift and the no-fuel stations’, we ask if we are sufficiently prepared to shape the future? In 2017 there are 700m cars globally and only a few million are EV. By 2035 there may be as many as 400m electric cars. But the total market is also expected to have grown by then too – Shell expects there to be over 2 billion cars by 2035. So, globally, petrol and diesel look set to grow, but within the context of a new energy mix, also including other fuels like hydrogen, as Applegreen open their first hydrogen fuelling site in the US.

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