Retail Vision TV Roundtable with Shell, Applegreen, 7-Eleven and Liquid Barcodes (Part 2)

Our three-part roundtable discussion filmed at the 2017 NACS Show in Chicago. Featuring: Klaas Mantel, General Manager Global Convenience Retail at Shell International, Joe Barrett, COO at Applegreen, Victor Paterno, CEO at 7-Eleven Philippines, Mats Danielsen, CEO at Liquid Barcodes and our own Dan Munford. In episode two – ‘digital lifestyles’ we question whether the industry is moving fast enough. Has the convenience industry sufficient capabilities and digital skills? Is it prepared for greater regulation like GDPR and live loyalty? Perhaps the future is happening first in Asia? We hear how 7 –Eleven successfully utilise Facebook in the Philippines, how Applegreen has revolutionised back office and how Shell makes transformational use of data in its new global category management portal.

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